Why Choose Us

Why choose us?

Why Choose us

The children's feedback speaks for itself!

Carrie fully understands the demands placed on young people and she knows how to help them thrive in their exams.

Here are some of the benefits of using Carrie's tuition expertise:


  • Classes are taught by fully qualified teachers


  • Over 10 years’ teaching experience


  • Firm understanding of skills and knowledge required for SATs and entrance exams


  • Simple, straightforward approach to learning


  • Caring and empathetic with a friendly, informal, nurturing style


  • Small class sizes (no more than five children) 


  • Child-focused learning with materials adapted to suit each child’s individual style


  • Students learn emotional coping strategies as well as the curriculum


  • Lessons are held in a new, innovative, purpose-built centre

"I discovered Carrie via a local social media site & she has supported my son with his preparations for Year 6 SATs. English was and has always been his weaker subject in comparison to maths. We received his results today & he achieved a better result in his English!! We honestly cannot rate Carrie enough. Her approach to tutoring, knowledge & lovely manner towards my son really encouraged him to believe in himself."

LC, Manchester

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September 2019!

Are you considering a grammar or independent school for your child?

Or does your child need a boost in core subjects such as English and maths?

More details can be found on our Courses page- take a look at what we have to offer!

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