Meet the team

Carrie Burke Tutor Work - Carrie
Company Curator Carrie

Carrie has an MA in Social Sciences and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Primary Education. She is a practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). With a decade of perfecting her craft in the classroom, she has successfully headed up her own tutoring business for the past 8 years.

Our Maths Mastermind Mike

Mike has over 12 years’ experience of tutoring maths and sciences to Key Stages 3-5 as well as at degree level. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from The University of Manchester, Mike is one of our affiliate tutors who runs the Year 10 Foundation Level GCSE maths group and assists on our 11+ summer courses. Mike’s patient and positive approach is underpinned with a genuine belief that anyone can learn maths and science if they are given the opportunity to understand the key concepts in a methodical, useful way.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys visiting the theatre and cinema. He also plays Jazz guitar and has been a member of several bands playing in and around the Manchester area!

To get in touch with Mike, you can contact him on 07403280205 or at

Carrie Burke Tutor Work - Patrick
Our Publishing Professional Patrick

Patrick works with us on our English and Verbal Reasoning course content and product development. With a first class honours degree in English and over ten years’ experience as an English Teacher, Patrick ensures we are delivering new and exciting resources for the children to use on our courses. In his spare time, Patrick enjoys reading (of course!), as well as writing his own novels and Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks. He is also a published author of teaching resources on the English Resourcing website Teachit, and his profile can be found  here.

Carrie Burke Tutor Work - Wilhemina

 Wilhemina is our business management gem who can turns her hand to any project with an enthusiastic and positive attitude. Her organisational skills and attention to detail on administrative projects ensure our procedures and processes run smoothly. Although she has many talents, her first love is graphic design and social media management.  In her spare time, Wilhemina enjoys watching films, paleontology and spending time with her family. You can find her profile here.