Pop-Up Tuition Slots

Life is busy at the best of times, but when your child is off school and you’re trying to juggle work and home-schooling, things can quickly get on top of you!

Carrie Burke Tutor Work can help to relieve the burden. Our online, daytime tuition slots relieve parents of the added role of home educator during self-isolation or school closures. We base sessions either on the curriculum or work from their teacher. We give you peace of mind that learning objectives are completed and that your child keeps up schooling momentum.

The inspiration for these sessions is based on Carrie’s own experience with her son, Joseph. Shortly after the start of the academic year, Joseph had to self-isolate for two weeks. Grappling to complete the work being sent home from school, Carrie’s thoughts were, “If I’m struggling and I’m a trained teacher, what’s it going to be like for those parents who aren’t?”

And so the pop-up slots were born! Transient and flexible in nature, they reflect the needs of parents whose children are unexpectedly off school for any reason.

Let our tutor brains take the home-schooling strains!