Easter Courses 2023

Back by popular demand!
Is your child sitting Year 6 SATs this year and could do with a helping hand?
Are you struggling for time to help them revise?
Does maths leave your head in a mess? Is English proving infuriating?
Fear not- we can help!
Our popular, fun and informative SATs booster sessions are running over the easter holidays.
Fees are £55 per course and can be paid with childcare vouchers. The sessions run for two and a half hours and are delivered by a qualified, experienced teacher. They will take place at our tuition centre at Broadstone Arcade (opposite the Texaco Garage), Broadstone Road, SK5 7AS. Courses will be run subject to demand and places are booked on a first come, first served basis.
There are six comprehension areas that the SATs aim to assess, however in recent years three of these areas make up around 80% of the questions; inference, retrieval and vocabulary.
We will go over the key skills your child will need to answer these questions, helping them to overcome obstacles and implement techniques so that they can achieve their full potential.
Within this paper, your child will need to demonstrate how to identify and write sentences that are grammatically correct, form sentences that are correctly punctuated and demonstrate knowledge of when a word is used correctly. In this course we will work with your child to show them how to read for detail so they can identify missing punctuation, spot grammatically incorrect sentences as well as strategies to decode and decipher word meaning.
Embedding and strengthening the basics in number and calculation, we help build confidence in using the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and how to apply these to tricky areas such as fractions, decimals, percentages, long division and BODMAS.
Some children really struggle when numbers and are put in the context of sentences and questions. This course helps your child to unpick the key information which they need to understand to calculate and solve the word problems they are presented with. We show children how to read for meaning in the questions and use their arithmetic skills to create accurate answers.