Need to know something?

Our business provides a booking service for tutors and the supply of tuition is made by the tutor to the parent.

When you choose the day and time of your child’s session, learning will be delivered to them in a group of no more than five children. We provide input on a certain area of subject learning, then the children complete activities and learning on that area.

Learning is ‘differentiated’ which means that your child will be given work to complete that is appropriate for their academic level. They may choose to work as part of a group, with a study buddy, or with me. We provide ongoing feedback and outline any areas of challenge or progress.

The relationship with you and your child goes beyond the classroom, and part of the service we offer means regular face-to-face meetings outside of sessions. The pressures, workload and expectations of teachers and schools is immense, which means that you may not always get the level or frequency of feedback or advice that you need. We like to meet (either over coffee or on the phone) once half-termly so you can be kept informed about your child’s progress. Furthermore, we are readily available day-to-day via email and phone to help you with anything. This means that we have a lot more contact and communication with you than traditional tutoring services.

After several years of working in schools and running intervention groups, we saw how quickly children could still make progress emotionally and academically in a small group setting. With no more than five children per session, students still have the opportunity to work with me, as part of a team or independently. We have found that children who initially need individual support will quickly graduate to working on their own and becoming strong, independent learners. This creates robust study habits for their school career and beyond. The children love experiencing the fun, dynamic ways of learning, such as team games and quizzes. As well as our constant encouragement, the children love to play an active role helping each other and providing positive feedback. This means we create a caring, positive environment in which your child can learn.

Yes we accept childcare voucher for group tuition as we are now Ofsted registered (please note, we cannot accept them for one-to-one tuition as this falls outside of the Ofsted registration remit).

Yes we do! It depends on the subject but drop us a line or look at our classes and you can see what we have available on-shelf. If you’re looking for one-to-one then please contact carrie@carrieburke.com

Yes, all tutors are DBS checked and we follow the safer recruiter process.