Independent Schools Mock 11+ Exams

If your child is sitting an entrance exam and you would like them to benefit from experiencing a ‘real life’ test beforehand, then look no further!

We have several tests that your child can sit in preparation for the ‘real deal’.

Our parents tell us that sitting a mock exam prior to the actual exam relieves nervousness. Often it is the fear of ‘the unknown’ rather than academic knowledge that causes pressure to build up in our children.

Sitting a mock exam allows ‘the unknown’ to become ‘the known’ so that the conditions on the actual day of the exam are much more familiar. Your child will have increased confidence as they go into the exam, secure in the knowledge that they will know what is going to come next.

We will also benchmark your child’s results against the current cohort and previous year’s cohorts so that we can provide feedback on their performance. Feedback also includes notes on what went well, and what your child can do to improve their score.

Mock Exam - Carrie Burke Tutor Work 2024

This exam is suitable for those children sitting the GL- Style exams, such as Stockport Grammar School and Saint Bede’s. It comprises of English (comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar and a writing composition), Verbal Reasoning and Maths.

The exam is sat under test conditions here at our centre in Reddish, Stockport. 

The papers have been written by myself and Laura Cripps so they are original in content (what we call ‘unseen’).

Once the papers are marked, we will provide written feedback with what went well and any areas for improvement (both in academic terms and exam technique). We are also able to provide your child’s score in each of the subjects as well as an overall score, and give an average score base that you can compare against the cohort’s results.

Please let Laura at know if you are interested or if you would like any further information.