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Carrie Burke

Welcome to Carrie Burke Tutor Work.

As a teacher, I passionately believe that every child has a chance to succeed academically.


Each child has a chance as long as they have the right guidance. 

Tutor Work

My years of working with children have shown me that every child can flourish. Some just need a little more help than others.


We are often led to believe through standardised testing that academic success must look the same for every child. 


It doesn’t have to be that way. 


I can help your child achieve their true potential

What I do

The first step is to identify which child is having a difficult time keeping up. Not all children progress at the same pace. 

Some have gifts which come to the fore, while others need a little more nurturing. The experienced teacher can notice this. I believe that I have the skills to pick this up.

Academic success is tied in to a child’s entire school experience. If they are comfortable socially and emotionally, they are more likely to thrive. 

If something is affecting them at school or in the home environment, this can show up in their work. An attentive teacher knows how to gauge which child might be experiencing difficulties.

Once I begin working with a child, I take them into my confidence. I am able to build a good rapport very quickly with children. I am able to gain the trust of even the most difficult child. 

I have a listening ear and I am empathetic. I gain their trust by taking the stress out of our time together by using mood-lightening techniques.

How I do it

I create relationships with children. I believe I am there to serve them and I make this clear. This is my unique selling point. 


I create small groups so I can focus on their needs. Small groups work best. This way we can go at a pace that suits all children. I develop relationships that last beyond the time we spend together in the classroom.


I understand fully the role a good education plays in today’s world. When children are not doing well it is naturally a stressful time for parents. 


I get this, which is why I am able to empathise with parents while building strong relationships with them. 


This is vital as I will need to continually and honestly update them on what is going on with their child. I value these relationships and nurture them.


It is so important for parents to trust that I understand their concerns and the particular challenges of their child. I use all that experience to win and keep that trust.

Step-By-Step approach

Many times my role is to re-instil confidence in both students and parents. With a quiet self-belief that a child will succeed comes a less-stressed parent.

Children who learn in a calmer, more supportive space also do better than a rushed and pressurised space that is all too common in traditional classrooms. 

So when I praise my students and positively reinforce them, they know it comes from a good space.

New research and approaches from all over the world come to light regularly. I keep abreast of these developments and apply what works in my context.

My vision

Through a child-centred approach, where the child is an individual, I believe that no-one must be left behind. 

The stakes are high. When a child falls behind, parents fear there is no catching up. It needn’t be so challenging. I want to help.

As education is a vast field and approaches keep changing, I am on a continued search for the best system or the best outcomes for your child’s education. 

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