Summer Courses 2024

Fees are £60 per session and include all materials, workbooks and tuition fees. Suitable for children sitting entrance exams in September and/ or January of year 6.

Number and Calculation- Course Overview

Tuesday 6ᵗʰ August 9.30-12pm Place Value

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages- Course Overview

Tuesday 6ᵗʰ August 12.30-3pm

a. Simplification
b. Fractions of amounts

a. Conversion of measurements involving decimals
b. Dividing using numbers with decimals
c. Multiplying using numbers with decimals

a. Finding percentages of amounts
b. Solving problems involving the calculation of percentages

a. Recalling and using equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages in
b. Converting decimals into percentages and fractions
c. Converting fractions into decimals and percentages
d. Converting percentages into fractions and decimals
e. Using equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages in context

Ratio, Proportion and Algebra- Course Overview

Wednesday 7ᵗʰ August 9.30-12pm

a. Dividing amounts into ratios

a. Identifying proportions

a. Using letters and symbols to represent numbers.
b. Operations in algebra
c. Using formulae
d. Number sequences and the Nth term

Comprehension- Course Overview

Wednesday 7ᵗʰ August 12.30-3pm

a. Retrieval- read and decode information from the text.
b. Vocabulary- word meanings in context
c. Inference- looking for meaning in words and reading in between the
d. Prediction- making logical and sensible forecasts.
e. Summarising- succinctly re-capping information
f. Sequencing- identify the order in which events happen.
g. Explanation- explain how information is related to the text as a whole,
and why words and phrases have been used.

Creative Writing – Course Overview

Thursday 8ᵗʰ August 9.30-12.30pm

a. How to use figurative language to improve our descriptive language.
b. How to correctly use more advance punctuation.
c. How to structure our sentences.
d. How to effectively select vocabulary.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning- Course Overview

Friday 9ᵗʰ August 9.30-12.00pm