Creative Writing for the 11+ Workshops

Creative Writing - Carrie Burke Tutor Work

My child achieved the highest score in writing out of all candidates in writing for his independent school exam. We were so pleased with the input from Carrie and the team, the progress he made after attending the course was phenomenal!

SNG, Mum of Year 7 Child

Is your child sitting for the entrance exams January 2024? 

Do they need extra help with the writing aspect of the tests? 


Course Content 

We structure the course so your child can:
✍️ Write a description or a story suggested by an image provided
✍️ Write a story or a description that begins with an opening line
✍️ Continue a story from the point it breaks off
✍️ Write a three-part fictional story

We teach your child how to:
✅ Analyse the language and organisational features of fiction genres (word and sentence level)
✅ Create and develop characters, scenes and settings with depth, using features from their ‘Up-level toolbox’ which will interest readers (word, sentence and paragraph level)
✅ Plan their short story so it has a clear beginning, middle and end (whole-text level)
✅ Create a first draft, and review to improve, using appropriate language and organisational features (whole-text level)

Saturday 9th December, 10-1pm

Sunday 10th December, 1-4pm

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